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CJMCU – 9911 high sensitivity of hall sensor technology of triaxial electronic compass. 
The most suitable for navigation using cell phones and other portable devices to walk city. 


Three axis magnetometer device for beidou application 
Built-in Analog-to-digital converter magnetometer data 
14 data for every three axial magnetic components 
Sensitivity: 0.6 uT/LSB (typical values 
serial interface I2C bus interface
Standard, fast and high speed mode (2.5 MHz) compatible with philips I2C specification version 2.1. 

Operating mode:

Power off, a single measurement, continuous measurement, self test and fuse ROM access 
Used to measure the data preparation. Functional data ready 
Magnetic sensor overflow monitoring function 
The built-in internal clock oscillator 
No specific technical support
Power on reset circuit
Self-test function of the internal magnetic source

Package included:

3 x CJMCU-9911 AK09911C Geomagnetic Hall Sensor


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