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1. Operating voltage: DC 3.3-5V 
2. Output voltage: DC 0-1V 
3. Test accuracy: ±1UV INDEX 
4. Current: 0.06mA (typ), 0.1mA (max)
5. Response wavelength: 200nm-370nm 
6. Response time: less than 0.5 seconds
7. Work temperature: -20℃ ~85℃
8. Detect UV wavelength: 200-370nm 
9. Size: 19.80 x 15mm

Connection mode:

VCC- is the positive input port of power supply, access 3.3V-5V voltage
GND-GND is the negative input port of power supply
OUT-OUT is the output port of analog signal, connected to I / O port of MCU

Note: The player should set the I/O port of MCU as input mode / receive mode, otherwise it can not be used. Other MCU, or more advanced control panel such as Arm, which need to set the I/O port as the input and output mode, must be set to input mode / receive mode, otherwise it can not be used. 51 series SCM can be used directly, no need to set the input and output mode.


Designed for applications where high reliability and accuracy of the UV index (UVI) are required;
Suitable for measuring the total amount of solar ultraviolet light intensity;
Contrast the World Health Organization UV Index grading standards
The detection wavelength of UV was 200-370nm;
Fast response, full interchangeability;

UV index chart:

Package included:

3 x UV detection sensor module

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