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Download English version Control system software,

You need to install obstacles Avoid Infra-red and Ultrasonic sensor to achieve line tracking function.(Sensors not included)
New package without CD.

Name: WIfi Smart robot car (TH Robot)
Motor: L298P two way motor chip
Main board: for Raspberry Pi 3B
Charge: Directed Insertion
Frequency Range:2.400-2.4835GHz
Camera: Focal Length Adjustable
Battery: 12V 2200mAh battery (included)
Compiling environment:C/Python/Scratch
Wireless communicate: support 802.11b/g/n protocol(Max 150Mbps)
Signal Range:Below 80m(Open distance)
Control way: IOS app/Android app/PC
Size: 300x230x233mm
Weight: 3400g

1x stainless chassis
1x for raspberry pi 3
1x PWR.A53.B motor board
1x 8G Micro SD card(Ubuntu mate system)
1x Robot-Eyes camera
1x 2200mAh 8A 12V battery
1x bag of hardware
1x 2DOF Gimbal
1x 4DOF robot arm
3x robot arm extend cable

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