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The kit uses the SunFounder Nano board as control. A SunFounder Servo Control Board integrates battery, servo, Nano board, and nRF24l01 wireless module together. This kit is equipped with a SunFounder Mobile Robot Remote Controller so that you can observe and control the robot remotely. 
1. This is the Crawling Quadruped Robot kit for Arduino. It includes everything you need to build a cool crawling quadruped robot with wireless remote control.
2. Powered by two 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries, it's a four-leg mobile robot and each leg has three joints driven by servos.
3. This kit is also equipped with a remote controller so that you can observe and control the robot remotely.
4. With the sample sketches provided, you can make the robot move forward, backward, left, and right or dance by remote control.
5. You can also make your own sketch to realize different movements.
Package Included:
1 pack x Acrylic Plates 
1 x Calibration Chart 
1 pack x Threaded Fasteners
2 x nRF24l01 Module 
2 x SunFounder Nano Board
1 x SunFounder Mobile Robot Remote Controller
1 x SunFounder Servo Control Board
2 x dual 18650 Battery Holder
12 x EMAX ES08AⅡ Analog Servo 
1 x USB Data Cable 
1 x Wire Harness Tube (80cm)
1 x Ribbon (50cm) 
1 x Screwdriver 

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